Caregiver Toolkit

Over my decades in caregiving practice, I have developed a toolkit that I rely on when evaluating cases. This toolkit will be yours to use and is made up of 5 components:

Comprehensive, easy to fill in sheets will help you effectively organize your information around your daily responsibilities as a caregiver. 

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caregiver toolkit

toolkit details:


As your loved one ages they need more and more support from their spouse, adult children, relatives and friends. This toolkit will help you understand and prioritize needs and to facilitate a conversation with your aging loved one about your concerns.

Cognitive loss

Are the symptoms you observe the onset of a form of Dementia? This toolkit provides a checklist to monitor symptoms so that you can best communicate your concerns to a healthcare professional.


Communicating with healthcare professionals

How do you ensure you maximize your brief time with a healthcare provider? This toolkit offers checklists and the information necessary to facilitate clear and effective conversations with personnel from the hospital, a residence, a private practitioner and more.

Home Care

How do you find the right home care agency or private caregiver? This toolkit helps you find and supervise care through its detailed checklist, interview questions and care journals. A home safety checklist is included.



How do you decide if now is the right time for you or your loved one to move and which is the best care environment? This toolkit will guide you in assessing which care environment is appropriate and provides checklists to monitor the care provided.