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Stephanie Erickson
Keynote Speaker

Stephanie Erickson began her career as a presenter in 1995 when she presented to social work and school colleagues about mental health in the school system.  Over the past 25 years she has continued to share her knowledge with many organizations, including The American Society on Aging, the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, Evolocity Financial, University of  Southern California (U.S.C.), University of Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.), Cal State University Long Beach (C.S.U.L.B.), Long Beach Community College, Pierce College, Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, Great West Life, Royal Bank of Canada, Manulife Securities, SunLife Financial, Canadian Home Care Association, Employee Assistance Program of San Pedro, the American Red Cross, and to non-profit and community organizations.  She also delivered a TEDx which has reached over 5,000 views. The topics of presentations span from mental health, to palliative care, to caregiving, to Dementia and general health and wellbeing.

Stephanie has been in the public eye on television and on radio for several years and is comfortable and dynamic in front of an audience.  Her passion for motivating and inspiring others to live their best lives is felt through her keynotes, presentations and workshops.

Keynote Categories:

Plan for Aging Well
Would you want to get old in our healthcare system as it is? Would you want to be sent off to a care facility and trust strangers to provide all that you need? The way our healthcare systems are structured now and with the demographic shift underway, this is your future: aging in isolation in a bleak medical setting. Resources are stretched and divided, leaving our seniors with care that, at times, is questionable in even meeting minimal standards. In addition, our healthcare system focuses on the physical body – calculated in hours needed to help someone transfer, give them a bath, or help them to bed. But what about attention to our bodies, mind, soul and spirit? But it’s not too late. If our society can rethink aging in a holistic manner and provide PROACTIVE resources in this all-inclusive manner, our last several years, although possibly difficult, could be filled with dignity, tenderness and respect.

Holistic Healthcare

The Healthcare “Narrow”tive
Our healthcare system is failing us. It is a reactive system, responding only at the first (or second or third) sign of difficulty. Our healthcare professionals, well-meaning and committed have limited time and often feel trapped in a system of band-aids. Our healthcare protocols address our medical needs and seem to ignore that we are whole individuals, made up of not only a body, but equally a mind, spirit and a soul. As a society we must learn to appreciate our being, our miraculous combination of cells that goes beyond our physical presentation. Our healthcare, educational and family systems must answer with proactive and intentional attention to our full self.

Mental Health

Flying Free
As a child, Stephanie experienced repeated sexual abuse without response or protection from family. Growing up and into her adult years, she was the victim of additional sexual misconducts. Not surprisingly, she has lived with anxiety, self-doubt, fear and hopelessness throughout her life. Yet, Stephanie also developed a fighting spirit, one that refuses to give up and surrender to her recurrent and often unpredictable emotional pain. It is with this attitude and perseverance that pushed her beyond her limits to take up the flying trapeze. And it is with flight that she faced her negative thought patterns and learned the most about herself, trust and ultimately, letting go.

Plenary for Legal and Financial Professionals

Can be adapted into a workshop format:

Plan for Aging Well
Do you have clients that are aging? Of course you do! Do you know what is in store for their future? Probably not. The way healthcare systems are structured with limited resources available combined with the demographic shift underway, your clients must proactively plan to prevent aging in isolation in a bleak medical setting. Stephanie Erickson, Family Caregiving Expert and Clinical Social Worker explores the psychology of aging and how this impacts client’s ability and willingness to plan for their future. She will prompt audiences to examine their own biases of aging and how this impacts their relationship with their clients. She will also offer tips on how to best communicate around topics of aging with your clients and how to encourage your clients to include their own family systems in the conversation. This will ensure professionals create a unique and individualized plan to help their clients Age By Design.


Does your organization have an idea for a topic and you think Stephanie is the person to deliver it? Keynotes can be individualized to meet your company’s needs.