Family Caregiving Expert

Social worker, advocate, media commentator

Stephanie Erickson
Family Caregiving Expert

Stephanie Erickson earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work in 1993 and has worked in many clinical settings throughout her social work career.  Early in her career, she worked in youth services, investigating child abuse allegations. Naturally, Stephanie worked with foster parents caring for victims of abuse and neglect.  She later entered the school system working as a therapist for kids and adolescents as well as evaluating children with mental health diagnoses to ensure they obtained appropriate school support services.  Following this, Stephanie worked in a domestic violence shelter and homeless shelter counseling woman and their children. In addition, Stephanie worked in hospice care as the team social worker and volunteer coordinator.  After moving to Montreal in 2003, Stephanie worked in a home care setting. For the past 14 years, she has developed a speciality of psychosocial evaluations to determine if individuals have the capacity to make decisions for themselves due to their Dementia or intellectual disability.  Through these various clinical settings, Stephanie has worked with caregivers in many capacities and has learned of the challenges, demands and rewards of caregiving.

Stephanie has been in the public eye on television and on radio for several years and is comfortable and dynamic in front of an audience.  Her passion for motivating and inspiring others to live their best lives is felt through her keynotes, presentations and workshops.


Are you struggling with caregiving demands? Is your family in conflict related to caring for another person? Do you want to initiate discussions related to aging and don’t know how?


Do you feel stuck? Are you unsure as to how your overall mental health and wellbeing are impacting your work? Your relationships? Your passion for life?